Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair are now Incora. Read more.

We are pleased to announce that Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair are now

Incora™ means that we are intrinsically connected to, or incorporated in our customers’ businesses and operations. Our commitment to innovation and the development of new solutions to meet supply chain challenges remains unwavering. We look forward to serving you as Incora.


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3PL and 4PL Services provide a single interface between you and multiple logistics service providers or product suppliers


Simplify Your Supply Chain and Focus on Your Core Business

Whether it’s the launch of new aircraft or supporting critical maintenance, our network for procurement, distribution, and aftermarket logistics provide supply chain solutions that meet your regulatory and operational needs. 

Our Third-Party and Fourth-Party Logistics can be tailored to manage all aspects of your critical hardware, chemicals, electronics, and consumables, including:

  • Transportation
  • Warehousing
  • Inventory management
  • Packaging
  • Freight forwarding

We deliver temperature sensitive, precision, and high integrity parts and chemicals with our special handling and quality processes. 

Benefits of 3PL & 4PL Services

  • Single point of contact for inventory needs
  • Personnel trained in your Critical to Quality standards
  • Material flow optimized for your operations
  • Cost savings across your logistics sourcing and infrastructure
  • Enhanced productivity with reduced stock-outs
  • Tailored reporting and tracking of your Key Performance Metrics

A Single Point of Contact for Your Inventory Needs

We can manage your approved supplier programs, first article inspection requirements, dock to stock process, and testing protocols.

As the single interface between you and multiple providers, we leverage volumes for the best price, manage purchase orders for maximum efficiency, and deliver continuous improvement in supplier performance.

Our innovative pick-pack-ship solutions and automation tools enhance the delivery and accuracy of your inventory. 

A Global Leader in Supply Chain Solutions

With our industry expertise and global footprint, Wesco Aircraft is the ideal partner for bringing efficiency to your operations.

Take leadership in your industry with the help of our comprehensive supply chain and operational solutions.

CONTACT US to find out how our 3PL/4PL services can optimize your supply chain.