Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair are now Incora. Read more.

We are pleased to announce that Wesco Aircraft and Pattonair are now

Incora™ means that we are intrinsically connected to, or incorporated in our customers’ businesses and operations. Our commitment to innovation and the development of new solutions to meet supply chain challenges remains unwavering. We look forward to serving you as Incora.


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Chemical Management Services offer complete chemical life cycle management across procurement, warehousing, point-of-use delivery, and waste control.

Chemical Management Services

Gain real-time visibility to your chemical supply chain, detailed cataloging, and smart sourcing that saves money.

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Automate your entire chemical supply chain management process from purchasing through disposal.

Chemical Data Management

Take the complexity out of chemical data management and regulatory compliance with our proprietary software platforms.

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composites management services

Composite Management Services

Streamlined composite management that reduce material usage, process times and labor, while fulfilling demand.

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JIT Management

Make more informed purchasing decisions and prevent stock shortages with our lean Just-in-Time inventory management program.

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Increase your efficiency with custom Kitting Services from Wesco Aircraft, providing what you need when you need it.

Kitting Services

Achieve greater efficiency on your shop floor with custom kiting solutions that save time and reduce inventory.

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We work tirelessly to ensure all of the products we stock are Quality Assured, verified and ready for use on the shop floor.

Quality Management Services

Quality management technology and testing equipment improves your performance and minimizes risk in your operations.

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Vending new image_main

Vending Services

Improve product control, access to critical items, timely replenishment, and inventory spend on the shop floor.

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Let Wesco Aircraft keep track of your inventory for you—improving efficiency and ultimately reducing cost

Vendor Managed Inventory

Reduce your cost of inventory, automate replenishment, and reduce your warehousing footprint with on-time delivery.

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3PL and 4PL Services provide a single interface between you and multiple logistics service providers or product suppliers

3PL & 4PL Services

Optimize material delivery, streamline your procurement processes, and have a single point of contact for your supply chain needs.

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